The project of the National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojevic" Digital Collection Petar II Petrović Njegoš  has been realized on the occasion of 200 years since the birth of the most important Montenegrin poet, ruler and thinker Petar II Petrovića Njegoš.
Digital collection is intended to represent the most important Njegoš"s works, and works on Njegoš from the collections of the National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojevic" to wider scientific and cultural public.
So far, tens of thousands of articles, studies, monographs on the Njegoš’s life, work and art creations has been published. The development and presentation of digital collection Petar II Petrović Njegoš involves forming a collection which includes first editions of Njegoš’s works ("The Mountain Wreath", "The Ray of the Microcosm", “The False Tsar Šćepan Mali", "Svobodijada" – “Song of Freedom”), manuscripts of "The Mountain Wreath" and "Njegoš’s Accords", selected  translations of Njegoš’s works, selection of literature on Njegoš, selected correspondence, biography, posters for plays and movies that had been made by Njegoš’s works, and adaptations of Njegoš’s works. On this way, for example, two important posters for the film "False Emperor", created by renowned painters Aleksandar Aco Prijić and Anton Lukateli had been digitized, and a large number of playbills that were announcing the performances of many acclaimed directors who in the second half of the twentieth century dealt primarily with “The Mountain Wreath” and the “False Emperor Šćepan Mali”. Among other things, works that had been digitized are the works of Lavrov - from 1887, Rovinski - 1889, Alois Schmaus – 1927, then works dealing with Njegoš’s genius, and Encyclopedia Njegoš which was published seven years ago.
Njegoše’s time, measured by literary, philosophical, and spiritual clock, lasts for two full centuries. It’s like Njegoš’s name long ago became synonymous for wisdom and his works an emblem of inspiring literature of universal significance, in Montenegro and beyond its borders.
List of books, papers, dissertations, essays and articles on Njegoš increases every day, so all bibliographic researches are limited to a certain period. Bibliography on Njegoš so far contains more than 34,000 bibliographic items, of which about 700 monographs is on South Slavic languages ​​and around 1800 units in foreign languages.

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